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ProTouch Physical Therapy

ProTouch Physical Therapy Cranford


ProTouch Physical Therapy


570 S Ave E Bldg G Suite C
Cranford NJ 07016
New Jersey



Welcome to ProTouch Physical Therapy
Top Rated Orthopedic Physiotherapists in Cranford NJ
The atmosphere at ProTouch Physical Therapy Cranford, NJ allows each patient to have an unique, personal and private experience, without time constraints.
The facility is 2,000 square feet with multiple private treatment rooms to provide therapy in the utmost comfort. Our facility, with its friendly staff, knowledgeable aides and expert therapists will change your expectations of what a rehabilitation experience should be.

Specialized Care For Your Pain
ProTouch Physical Therapy in Cranford, NJ will evaluate your condition and devise an individualized treatment program based on the findings and the patient's' specific goals. You can be confident knowing that our highly skilled physical therapists have a combined 45 years of experience and specialize in treatments above and beyond what typical orthopedic therapists treat.

If you do not see your conditions, please contact us.


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